Slide Monsanto RoundUp RoundUp Cancer Investigations After a decades-long coverup by Monsanto was revealed, thousands of patients have come forward with their devastating health issues as a result of the carcinogenic herbicide. LEARN MORE Slide National Opioid Litigation McHugh Fuller is part of the team responsible for filing the nation's first lawsuits in federal court against wholesale opioid distributors and is dedicated to holding them accountable. READ MORE Slide Elder Abuse & Neglect Nursing homes must be held accountable when they pay more attention to their profits than to the care of their residents. READ MORE Slide Childhood Sexual Abuse When your trust has been violated by someone you and your loved ones trusted, it's time to take action. LET US HELP Slide Experience Matters Our attorneys have over 100 collective years of experience handling complex cases. Let us fight for you. READ MORE Slide Mike Fuller, McHugh Fuller Law Group We'll Fight for You Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you get the justice you deserve. READ MORE

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At McHugh Fuller, we have the knowledge and the experience in personal injury and medical negligence litigation to successfully fight for your loved one's rights. We take pride in being small enough to give your case the special attention it requires but large enough to have the resources and experience to challenge even the largest corporations. With over twenty years of experience, our results speak for themselves.
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